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Milestone predictions, by Node:

I predict that the following Wikipedias will reach the 10000 legitimate article count on the following days (approximately):

is: -> 30 Aug 2008 (original prediction 02 Sep 2008)
sl: -> 06 Sep 2005 (original prediction 24 May 2005)
et: -> 10 Jun 2005 (original prediction 26 Feb 2005)
ro: -> 26 Feb 2005 (original prediction 31 May 2005)
sr: -> 16 Jan 2005 (original prediction 18 Aug 2005)
ru: -> 12 Jan 2005 (original prediction 25 Nov 2004)
4. ca: -> 11 Dec 2004 (original prediction 01 Jan 2005) - done
3. uk: -> 08 Nov 2004 (original prediction 20 Nov 2004) - done
2. fi: -> 17 Oct 2004 (original prediction 21 Oct 2004) - done
1. no: -> 11 Oct 2004 (original prediction 18 Oct 2004) - done

~of course the number of new articles/day is always fluctuating so these are only based on the *current* growth rate~

(This also means that Arabic will be the last of the 6 official languages of the UN to reach this milestone - this is a nice example of the digital divide: English came first, then French, then Spanish, then Chinese, now Russian, and finally Arabic; Hindi will be much later probably! A great reminder of one of the main reasons for working on such Wikipedias - such a source of information ultimately increases education, but especially internet connectivity: many people who do not have the internet give the reason that they do not speak English or some other language and that the internet is not available in their languages, and Wikipedias in these languages will certainly help!)

Also it should be noted that Catalan will be the first "minority" language to reach this milestone. Of course this is to be expected because of the high mother tongue literacy among Catalan speakers, their high rates of internet connectivity, and the strength of linguistic nationalism in Catalan-speaking areas.

I'm wondering, which Wikipedia will be (or is already?) the first to reach the 10k milestone that is the only encyclopedic resource available in that language? For example, there is obviously no existing encyclopedia available in Kashubian)