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CNWB is a wikipedian from Melbourne, Australia. He was born in Perth in 1973 and lived briefly in Adelaide before his family moved to Melbourne in the late 1970s. CNWB is currently studying history via correspondence at Macquarie University. He enjoys a short gin and tonic with freshly squeezed lime, strong coffee, Coopers Sparkling Ale, and pinot noir. His favourite spice is cumin, his favourite herb is coriander, his favourite spice-mix is za'atar. Here is his blog, here is his Livejournal, and here are his Furl links.

CNWB has been a member of the Wikipedia community since 1 July 2004, and an administrator since 4 December 2005. He enjoys writing and contributing to articles about Melbourne and Victoria, Australia. You can often find him lurking at the Australian Wikipedians' Notice Board, patrolling New Pages, checking Proposed Deletions, copyediting, speedy-deleting, and other assorted tasks, and updating his ever-increasing Task List. Here is a gallery of photos he's uploaded.


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