1959 News of the World Snooker Plus Tournament

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News of the World Tournament
Tournament information
Dates26 October – 21 November 1959 (1959-10-26 – 1959-11-21)
VenueBurroughes Hall
CountryUnited Kingdom
Total prize fund£750
Winner's share£400
ChampionEngland Joe Davis
Runner-upEngland Fred Davis
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The 1959 News of the World Snooker Plus Tournament was a professional snooker tournament sponsored by the News of the World. The event was played under the Snooker Plus rules, a variant of snooker with two additional colours (orange and purple). The tournament was won by Joe Davis with Fred Davis finishing in second place. It was the eleventh and final News of the World Tournament, which ran from 1949/50 to 1959.

Snooker plus[edit]

Snooker plus was a variant of snooker created by Joe Davis in 1959 with two additional colours, orange (8 points) and purple (10 points). The orange spot was midway between the pink and blue, while the purple spot was midway between the brown and blue. If a frame ended in a tie, the purple was re-spotted on the black spot. The extra colours allowed a maximum break of 210.[1][2][3] This variant failed to gain popularity but has appeared in some video games such as the World Snooker Championship series.[4]


There were three competitors, Joe Davis, Fred Davis and John Pulman, competing for prize money of £750. Matches were of 25 frames over two days. Each played the other, three times. All matches were played in Burroughes Hall, London.


Snooker plus table layout
Colour Value
Snooker ball red.png Red 1 point
Snooker ball yellow.png Yellow 2 points
Snooker ball green.png Green 3 points
Snooker ball brown.png Brown 4 points
Snooker ball blue.png Blue 5 points
Snooker ball pink.png Pink 6 points
Snooker ball black.png Black 7 points
Snooker ball orange.png Orange 8 points
Snooker ball purple.png Purple 10 points

Joe Davis made the first century break, 108, on the opening day of the tournament.[2]

Joe Davis made sure of victory by beating John Pulman in the penultimate match.[5] Fred Davis lost the last match 13–12 but he had needed to win only 11 frames to finish in second place ahead of Pulman.[6]

Winner Score Loser Dates Ref
Joe Davis 17–8 Fred Davis 26–27 October [7]
John Pulman 15–10 Fred Davis 28–29 October [8]
Joe Davis 14–11 John Pulman 30–31 October [9]
John Pulman 14–11 Fred Davis 9–10 November [10]
Joe Davis 15–10 John Pulman 11–12 November [11]
Fred Davis 15–10 Joe Davis 13–14 November [12]
Fred Davis 16–9 John Pulman 16–17 November [13]
Joe Davis 14–11 John Pulman 18–19 November [5]
Joe Davis 13–12 Fred Davis 20–21 November [6]


Pos Player Pld MW FW Prize
1 England Joe Davis 6 5 83 £400
2 England Fred Davis 6 2 72 £250
3 England John Pulman 6 2 70 £100

The positions were determined firstly by the number of matches won (MW) and, in the event of a tie, the number of frames won (FW).


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