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Research in other organisms[edit]

There is evidence of other organisms suffering from CWD Here's a nice article on primate transmission.


The APHIS material should be in the public domain, as it is a U.S. Federal Government work. However, I'm not sure about the Canadian Food Inspection Agency Disease Fact Sheet -- can someone check if it is in the public domain? Commonwealth countries have a nasty tendency to use Crown Copyright for their government works. -- Ganon.


The one CWD positive deer in the state of Kansas was found in the northwestern corner of the state and not in the northeastern portion as wrongly stated in the article.

how thouroughly are they testing for extent?[edit]

I notice they found a few in the last couple years in areas far from the main source, but I can't help but wonder how they got that far away, and if they simply aren't commonly testing for it in areas where they don't expect it. For instance, I was recently in eastern Pennsylvania where I saw a wild deer that looked almost starved to death.

CWD has been found in PA according to this local article although none has been found in wild populations. :